Monday, October 12, 2009

Cherry Cove, Catalina

Sunday we headed out from Catalina Harbor, thinking we would just go a short distance down the coast to Little Harbor to anchor. But when we got there, with 1 sailboat and 3 power boats already there, we decided to go on around the island to the East side. After checking a couple other anchorages that were still too crowded, we picked up a mooring in Cherry Cove, just north of Isthmus harbor. The video below shows panning from Isthmus Harbor around to Cherry Cove. We look farther from the rocks in the video than we do in this shot from our transom!

The tail end of storm is expected to coming through Monday night and Tuesday, so we decided to stay here for a few nights – spending time dinghying to shore, playing music, and watching movies.


Sam said...

Hey Cuz,

Mom gave me your blog URL, and I wanted to tell you and Cathy hello.

Best wishes, smooth sailing.


Beth said...

Alright Bro- it's been two weeks!!
Are you having too much fun or what? Also-show some pictures of you two-not just scenery.