Friday, December 18, 2009

Isla Grande (Ixtapa)

[GPS: N 17° 40’ 44” W 101° 39’ 25”]
Thursday morning early we got underway towards Isla Grande (Ixtapa) as we expected a fairly long day. We made good time – again mixed motoring and sailing. Even flew the asymmetric for a couple hours. Late afternoon, we pulled into the small cove anchorage on the north side of Isla Grande (Ixtapa). We had essentially made it to our destination. We celebrated with margaritas in the cockpit:

There was a lot of activity during the day – a couple large powerboats anchored, a couple jetskis running around, pangas bringing people and taking them out, several restaurants on the beach. But people are not allowed on the island at night. So shortly after 5pm, everyone started leaving – and then the restaurant crews cleaned up a little and also left. We had the anchorage to ourselves.

Friday morning we did some snorkeling along the rocks on the west side of the cove and out to the point – where we saw a good variety of reef fish. Blackdragon, a Catalina 34 that was on the HaHa had come into the anchorage, so we swam over and talked with them for a while – Steve & Tracey and their 2 children and dog – plus another couple with 1 child who were visiting them. In the afternoon we rowed to shore in our dinghy (didn’t want to bother getting the motor down), had fajitas, tacos, y cervezas at one of the restaurants. There was a vendor selling shells on the beach – including conch shells that he pound a small hole into so you could use it as a horn… we bought one! – but still working on being able to blow it reliably. We walked to the other side of the island (about 50 yards – the restaurants had tables on beaches on both sides). The cove on the south side had a lot of people snorkeling. Boats used to anchor in the south cove – but there is coral there, and the anchors were destroying the coral, so it is no longer allowed. There were a lot of people snorkeling on that side. We will save that for a day when we come back out here with our girls who are coming down for Christmas.

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