Friday, March 5, 2010

Paradise Village - Nuevo Vallarta

[GPS: N 20° 41’ 27” W 105° 17’ 36”]
Doug flew back down to PV (along with the repaired chartplotter and replaced wind transducer) on March 4. Galatea was fine. Juanito had just finished refinishing the teak toerails and coamings – and polishing the stanchions – the boat looked great!

There was a large power yacht berthed along the opposite side of the dock, blocking the view and the wind – but not the surge that still managed to get through.

Doug was originally expecting to spend a week getting the boat back together, a week from PV to Mazatlan (with a couple stops along the way), and a week in Mazatlan putting it away. Since none of the people in the Bay Area that Doug approached as possible crew to help move the boat were available, we tapped Michael (from s/v Laura). They had just gotten to Mazatlan and were spending time with her parents. Michael was going to take a bus from Mazatlan to PV and then help Doug bring Galatea up to Mazatlan. Since he couldn’t be away very long, we planned to do it more as a delivery – no stopping at Chacala or Isla Isabella…

Doug ended up with almost 2 weeks in PV before leaving. He was able to more leisurely put the boat back together – and was able to spend time enjoying the resort and town. There were lots of sailboat races going on – leading up to the Bandaras Bay regatta that would be the weekend after he left. And a movie was being filmed at the resort (grade B – they said the working title was “Blood Coast”):

And he did get to downtown to enjoy the Malecon, including the sand sculptures along the beach:

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