Monday, November 23, 2009

Caleta Partida

[GPS: N 24° 31' 53" W 110° 22' 38"]
Caleta Partida is the best protected anchorage on the island. Lying between Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida, its geologic history stems from being the crater of a large extinct volcano. It is still a bit open to the west, so we got some chop, but it was much better than Ensenada del Candelero. We stayed two nights – having dinner aboard Laura (with Michael & Laurie) on Sunday night, and aboard Jabiroo (with John & Jan) on Monday night. When we were ready to leave Laura, we shone our light down into the water, attracting a lot of fish. We threw a line down, and pretty quickly caught one – it looked like some kind of mackerel with an interesting frog-like pattern of green and gray pigmentations on its dorsal surface. We threw him back in. On Monday, we took a long (yes, Doug pushed us to go too far) kayak trip. We paddled through the channel separating the two islands, then turned right to go down the eastern side of Isla Espiritu Santo towards some sea caves. As we would reach one point, Doug would look beyond to the next point and say “oh, that looks good, let’s go on to the next point”. When we finally turned to go back, we had the wind and chop on our nose - at least it wasn’t blowing too hard yet. On the way back, we dawdled for a while in the channel, watching a group of a pelicans diving for fish. They were doing short quick dives compared to what we saw e.g. in Morro Bay – perhaps because the water was so shallow.

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