Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ensenade de los Muertos

[GPS: N 23° 59' 16" W 109° 49' 38"]
Tuesday morning was another early (6:30am anchor up) departure for the next 45 miles to Ensenade de los Muertos (“Cove of the Dead”). Again the winds were light – or in the afternoon on our nose – but we were able to sail about half the way. Again the wind instrument worked for about 6 hours and then stopped working again. We pulled into Ensenade de los Muertos near Laura. We put OUR dinghy in this time and went to shore with Michael and Laurie to a restaurant on the beach – the “Beach Club at the Bay of Dreams” – for margueritas, chili relleno, and tamales. We had heard that the name of the Bay had been changed - presumably “Bay of Dreams” is the new name.

It was dark as we headed back to the dinghy. As we were wading the dinghy out, the women got in, and Cathy shown the light into the water. Swimming right next to us in 2’ of water was a large moray eel (4’?) with its mouth open and teeth bared, trying to bite the beam of light! The women squealed. And when Michael and Doug understood why, they QUICKLY! jumped into the dinghy and we took off to find our boats, now nestled amongst 24 boats in the anchorage.

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