Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ensenada del Candelero (Isla Espiritu Santo)

[GPS: N 24° 30' 23" W 110° 23' 21"]
We left La Paz for the islands just north. Isla Espiritu Santo lies 20 miles north of LaPaz, and on the north end is connected to Isla Partida with a small channel dividing the two islands. The islands lie near the fault lines, and expose colorful layers of various rocks – oh to be a geologist!

Most of the anchorages are along the western coast of the islands, with good protection from the northers that blow down the Sea of Cortez, but not so good protection from the nighttime coromuels that come from the southwest.

With light north winds, we only were able to sail for about ½ hour out of the 4 hour trip. We poked our heads into Bahia San Gabriel and Puerto Ballena before deciding to drop anchor in Ensenada del Candelero (Candlestick Cove). We put the kayak into the water for Cathy to take a trip to the beach, where some people from a Baja Expeditions group were camping. And the next morning we paddled around the Roca Monumento in the center of the cove and did a little snorkeling around the reef that leads from there back towards shore. We paddled over to Evergreen where we met Dennis, Carol, and their 11-year old son Josh (busy doing math “home”work).

When the coromuels blow against the tide it can create a square chop, so we spent a very uncomfortable night of pitching/hobbyhorsing. We slept in the sea berths with lee cloths deployed. In the morning, we decided to move on to the next anchorage.

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