Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz

We set out at 7 am towards our next destination. With overcast skies and little wind, we motored for the first few hours until we passed Pigeon Point lighthouse, where the skies cleared and a light wind came up. Since we were sailing dead downwind, we poled out our jib and sailed wing-and-wing towards Santa Cruz at about 4.8 kts in 7-8 kts of wind.

As we rounded Pt. Santa Cruz the winds piped up to 15kts and then quickly to 22 kts. We called the harbormaster to request a slip, and were asked to stand off for a half hour as they were clearing an overturned vessel from the entrance to the harbor. Do we really want to go in? We had heard of difficulties entering Santa Cruz due to shoaling, but thought that was in the winter and that they had fixed the problem with some pumping system. After the boat was cleared, we made our way into the harbor past the Santa Cruz lighthouse on the breakwater composed of computer-designed blocks of concrete.

Friends on a sistership (Mamabird) had suggested we request the slip next to them, since the fisherman who has that slip was up in Washington fishing. After we were safely tied up in the slip, Cathy ran off to a LONG, HOT shower to relieve her poison ivy itch.

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