Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Morro Bay

It was a quiet Sunday morning trip from San Simeon Bay down to Morro Bay. Without the main, we just motored with the staysail up. It never got above 5 kts of wind anyway.

We tied up to the guest dock at Morro Bay yacht club, after sitting on one of their moorings for a while until the daysailers that had participated in their regatta were cleared the dock. The port captain helped us arrange with a sailmaker to fix our main. We were a bit concerned when we learned the name of the business was "SLO-Sails" - until we realized the SLO was for San Luis Obispo where he is located. The port captain even delivered it for us Sunday evening and then returned it to us Tuesday morning. We reinstalled the main and now feel like a sailboat again.

We saw old friends and met new people here. Dave aboard Andante helped us with initial mooring and docking (we noticed his Island Packet on a mooring ball as soon as we approached the club!); he is heading north after having been down in Mexico. Simon and Susan aboard Encore and are headed down to the Channel Islands (from Brickyard Cove) had a rental car and were kind enough to take Doug to the grocery store with them. And we spent an evening chatting with two couples we met and introducing them to liars’ dice – Scott and Adela were aboard a Chris Craft which they are delivering up to SF, and Michael and Laurie aboard Laura are also doing the Baja HaHa and are spending their time making it down the California coast.

We took an afternoon walk around Morro Bay – lots of restaurants, galleries, and junk shops - and along the fishing docks with the seals laying in a heap up on the dock - then walked out to Morro Rock and the breakwater. Morro Rock is a volcanic plug that was formed 22M years ago when lava hardened in the vent of an active volcano, and then the volcano eroded away leaving the plug. It is really quite impressive standing guard over the entrance to the bay. The picture on the left shows Simon and Susan leaving for their next port (sailboat at the horizon on far left of the picture – tiny in comparison to the rock!).

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