Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Half Moon Bay

When you’re hanging on the hook, you’re subject to all kinds of life forms floating by – including jelly fish and these creatures: This made us realize what a mistake it was not to get a kayak before we left. Now we’ll be looking for a tandem ride-on-top at stops along the way.

Instead we put our folding dinghy together (a real chore! this has to get easier with practice!) and went to shore for showers - much needed to relieve Cathy’s poison ivy itching. Tom and Sharon flew down for the day to see us, and we enjoyed a late lunch with them.

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Rozlynn and Russell Worrall said...

Worrall Wind checking in. We took our port-a-bote out to the local lake this evening to try it out for the first time. Russ had it in the garage in set-up position. So first we had to unfold it. Then when we got to the lake, we opened it up and because it had been open for a few weeks and it was warm, it opened fairly easy if Russ jumped inside and stood with his feet on either side while I slid in the foreward seat. It only took about 10 minutes. However, we did this in a level parking lot! I understand there is a funny video on U-tube of a guy getting folded up like clam in the boat.

I'm not sure how we are going to do this while on the boat though. Our foredeck is stepped, not flat. Were you on your foredeck? Then what???? Did you use your halyard to drop it into the water or take it back to your davits? Let us know.

We put the wheels on the sides and trundled the bote down to the lake. Not bad. The boat seemed to steer fine and ride smoothly, but the flexible floor felt a little odd. Guess we will have to get used to that. The motor worked well, and we scooted around the lake. One of the lock nuts came off the oars so we couldn't test the oars out. But we did try the ladder.

We loosely tethered the boat to the dock in deep enough water to try out the ladder we bought. We didn't want to be too far off shore in case it didn't work.

Russ put the ladder on the port side by the back seat. We were both out of the boat. His weight pulled the boat side down, right into the water. We both thought he was going to flip it, so he gave up that attmept. The next thing we tried was me in the water on the opposite side holding it down with my body weight. That worked. Russ was able use the ladder and his upper arm strength to crawl in without tipping the boat. Once he positioned himself on the seat opposite the ladder, I crawled up and in with his assistance. We did it, but it wasn't a pretty sight! If we use this dink for snorkeling or diving, both of us had better go together to do the balancing act.

We put the wheels back on, pulled the dink up the steep ramp (was much easier going down), turned it over to dump out the water from our first foiled ladder experience, refolded it, took it home, and unfolded it again. It was a good workout! Looking forward to talking with you.