Friday, August 14, 2009

San Simeon Bay

Here in San Simeon we find a sailboat that we had been next to in Stillwater Cove and had noticed across the slip from us in Monterey. Her name is Lady Jane. A couple is on it with their little terrier. He paddled over to say hello (they had noticed us in the last 2 stops as well). He had customized their kayak so the dog could just sit on the bow like a living hood ornament.

We just spent a quiet day on the hook in the bay with Hearst Castle high up on a hill overlooking us. We took a short trip to shore just to walk on the beach, out to the pier, and to a small state park educational station. The beach here is very nice and the water temperate is 61 degrees so families are here with children in the water, dads standing by their BBQ grills, young girls lying in the sun and older women sitting in the shade.

Dawn and Bruce our anchor neighbors from Lady Jane came over for dinner. We had hoped they would bring their little dog so we could get a "Jill" fix (our Jack Russell "Jill" is home being cared for by our kids). But no - they did bring some great garlic bread to go with our fettucine carbonara. We had a good time teaching them liar's dice.

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