Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We made the short trip (14.8 NM) from Moss Landing to Monterey on Monday morning. We got a slip in Monterey harbor to make cleaning the boat, power, and access to Monterey easier. Monday afternoon we took a walk to downtown Monterey and a stop at Trader Joe’s. Jennifer was kind enough to drive down and bring our camera (plus our old one as a backup!).

Tuesday morning was filled with laundry and showers, and then we walked down to Monterey Aquarium. We had the camera, but Doug had forgotten that he set up the battery for charging – so no battery – so no pictures! We liked the jellyfish displays the best, with the seahorses placing a close second, and third the otter show. Tuesday evening is farmer’s market on Alvarado St. in Monterey. We got some fresh produce – all certified organic. We think Monterey is even more politically correct than Berkeley – could that be? The big deal for the coming week in Monterey is a car show and auction. We watched many vintage cars driving past us to the holding corral:

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